Over the past ten-plus years, M-Phazes has worked behind the boards with some of the world’s biggest artists, including Eminem, Madonna, Kimbra, Fifth Harmony, Lupe Fiasco, Nas, 2 Chainz, and Daniel Johns. The Melbourne producer’s sought-after studio expertise has earned him ten Hottest 100 anthems, six ARIA Awards, Billboard and APRA Awards wins, and even a highly coveted Grammy.

Now the multi-award winner is stepping confidently into the spotlight with his new single Messiah, featuring a scorching vocal performance by Australian dance music sensation Alison Wonderland. A surefire summer anthem, Messiah also sets the stage for the forthcoming M-Phazes solo album, which brings together an unprecedented all star guest lineup.

With its dark, edgy pop feel, Messiah showcases a thrilling new side to the M-Phazes sound. Messiah has been blowing up Alison Wonderland’s DJ sets all year, with fans eager to ID the mystery track online. “I made the beat almost a year before we made the song, and it dawned on me that Alison would be perfect for it,” M-Phazes recalls. “The lyrics come from a real emotional place for her, so I wanted to capture that feeling while also making it a song she could play in her sets.” Messiah is the perfect introduction to the boundary-pushing energy of the forthcoming LP, which dips into synth-pop, electronic R&B, feelgood hip-hop, club-ready bass music and more.

M-Phazes’s production credits are stacked with success stories, not least his Grammy win for co-producing the standout track Bad Guy on Eminem’s 2013 album The Marshall Mathers LP 2. He continued to produce songs for a diverse list of artists in recent years, including Moxie Raia’s On My Mind (featuring Pusha T), Keyshia Cole’s N.L.U. (featuring 2 Chainz), Daniel Johns’s Imagination, and Meg Mac’s Grandma’s Hands. M-Phazes points to his collaboration with Kimbra on her 2011 debut album Vows as the experience that “really set me off on a path of working with different genres.”

Now the “go to producer” behind a long line of hits is taking his well-deserved place at front and center. Both Messiah and the forthcoming solo album showcase M-Phazes at his versatile best. “I hope people will appreciate that good music is just that, no matter what the genre,” he says. “Music shouldn’t be put into boxes.”



2014 Billboard Award Top Rap Album – Eminem ‘Marshall Matthers LP 2’
2013 ARIA Award Best Urban Release – Illy ‘Bring It Back’
2011 ARIA Award Best Urban Release – Drapht ‘Life Of Riley’
2010 ARIA Award Best Urban Release – M-Phazes ‘Good Gracious’
2010 3D World’s ‘Australian Producer Of The Year’
2008 ARIA Award Best Urban Release – Bliss n Eso ‘Flying Colours’
2008 Sha Money XL’s ‘One Stop Shop Producers Beat Battle’


2014 – PLATINUM (AUS) – Illy ‘Tightrope’ (Single)
2014 – GOLD (AUS) – Illy ‘Cinematic’
2013 – DOUBLE PLATINUM (US) – Eminem ‘Marshall Matthers LP 2’
2013 – GOLD RECORD (AUS) – Bliss n Eso ‘Circus In The Sky’
2011 – DOUBLE PLATINUM RECORD (AUS) – 360 ‘Falling & Flying’
2011 – PLATINUM RECORD (AUS), GOLD RECORD (NZ) – Kimbra, ‘Vows’
2011 – GOLD RECORD (AUS) – Drapht ‘Life Of Riley’
2010 – PLATINUM RECORD (AUS) – Bliss n Eso ‘Running On Air’
2008 – GOLD RECORD (AUS) – Bliss n Eso ‘Flying Colours’